Samantha Sung 2016

Samantha Sung is a native of Korea where she majored in Fine Arts at Seoul National University. She graduated from Parsons School of Design in 1996 and became Senior Designer for Ralph Lauren Collection for the next five years. She then went on to become Design Director of Cerutti and Cerutti 1881, based in Milan. In 2005, Samantha returned to New York and became Design Director of Tocca, where her Tahiti- inspired prints were first introduced. In 2006, Samantha started her own line, characterized by her trademark, original prints. Her fresh, imaginative designs are reflections of her world travels and inspiration drawn from exotic destinations, local cultures, and indigenous anthropologies. Her collections are inspired by the trade winds, infused with the colors of the South Pacific and imprinted with the spirit of the islands.Samatha’s signature designs are poetic harmonies, using elements from Eastern and Western cultures, balancing the best traditions and trends of both worlds. An artist at heart, she re-ignites the vision of island artisan designs. Every print has a story and a history. Her hand-painted, hand-blocked prints live at the intersection between vivid imagination and the authenticity of craftsmanship, following honorable traditions. Her designs are both charming and sophisticated using100% natural fiber, transformed into wearable clothing, that is modern and flexible.

“My clothes are inspired by the silhouettes of the ‘40s and ‘50s, updated with a modern twist. I believe in simplicity and classical femininity, as well as in romance. Women wear my dresses to the office, on dates at night, and to the beach on weekends. My designs are inspired by the islands, but go beyond traditional resort looks with a sophistication that is both whimsical and fun. My silhouettes are based on the classic shirtdress and formal silhouettes but with playful informal attitudes. I design the way I live. I am deeply curious about other cultures and their design traditions. I believe that design and world travel are so interconnected that I cannot separate one from the other, or imagine either without its counterpart. I travel all over the world and sketch, and everything I experience finds its way into my design process. I find I am empowered by the creative energy and the lack of pretenses in more simple cultures. I have a sense of artistic freedom, which reinforces my vision and allows it to constantly grow and develop".


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